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International Distributors

How we work

If you are moving to a country outside the EU (or, in the case of diplomats, also within the EU), then before you go you are entitled to buy goods in the Netherlands tax-free, provided such goods are not used in the Netherlands first, but are transported directly to your new address.
However, tax-free buying is subject to all kinds of rules and procedures. ID knows better than anyone else the right way to go about buying all your household effects, furniture and a lot more tax-free.

Guaranteed Tax-Free

Because ID sends all goods directly abroad any purchases you make via ID are guaranteed to be tax-free. This saves you the full VAT amount on all your purchases; any excise duty there may be on drink and tobacco products.

How can you buy tax-free through ID?

There are two ways in which you can buy goods tax-free through ID:
1. By going shopping yourself at one or more of the shopping partners associated with ID. The VAT will be deducted from the shopping price immediately.
2. By ordering on-line from our website www.intdist.nl. The prices given on the website are exclusive of VAT and/or any excise duties.


Any items you order are gathered together in our customs warehouse. Once your payment has been received, the complete order will be shipped. Shipment can be arranged either by ID's shipping-agent or via a shipping company at your preference. In the last case ID consults your forwarder regarding the correct shipping-date, so that packing and shipping can be properly planned.

Transportation costs and customs charges

To obtain the necessary customs documents, ID first takes your goods to a central customs warehouse, before delivering them to the shipping company. ID makes a charge towards these extra transports, customs and handling costs. Customs charges € 35,- per consignment. Transport charges depend on the size of your total order. The table of costs is shown below. Besides these costs, for IKEA consignments there is an additional volume surcharge of 2% over value goods.


Sales value of the total order in Euro's, excluding VAT Transport and handlings charges. (Euro)
136.00 - 450.00 65.00
450.01 - 910.00 77.00
910.01 - 1,365.00 103.00
1,365.01 - 1,850.00 123.00
1,850.01 - 2,270.00 141.00
2,270.01 - 2,950.00 171.00
2,950.01 - 3,625.00 192.00
3,625.01 - 4,250.00 215.00
4,250.01 - 4,950.00 245.00
4,950.01 - 5,525.00 265.00
5,525.01 - 6,250.00 288.00
6,250.01 - and higher 315.00


Note: IKEA charges a fixed amount for delivery to ID's customs warehouse. Ask IKEA department "Zakelijk" how much. All other shopping partners deliver free of charge.
You will find the General Terms of Delivery here.