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International Distributors

Outdoor toys

In many countries the opportunities for children to play are poor and in some counties even unsafe. We therefor are pleased with our shopping partner Outdoor Toys in Krimpenaan den IJssel. Via our website you can reach the website of Outdoor Toys.
Prices on this website are Inclusive VAT, but as you know, ID delivers your order exclusive VAT due to export to counties outside the EC. Please note that Outdoor charges € 35,00 for delivery. The delivery time is two weeks. For urgent deliveries the costs are € 75,00.
There are two options to place your order:

You can visit the showroom of Outdoor Toys or make an appointment: Tel 0180 554114
Send your request to id@intdist.nl. Within 24 hours we then confirm your order.
Go to the website of Outdoor Toys