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International Distributors

Taxfree on Curaçao

When you buy goods through International Distributors in The Netherlands bv (ID) and let these export to the Netherlands Antilles, you do not need to pay VAT on purchases. That saves you on non-food articles but no less than 21 % VAT. It is a condition that the expedition partner of ID, the goods shipped directly to one of the islands.

How can you purchase tax-free?

Very simple, by personal shopping in one of the winkelpartners of ID. On our website you will find under "shopping partners" a summary of all ID shoppingpartners with addresses and contacts. In the shop you immediately state that you purchase tax-free via ID. Then there is an intakeform to complete with your name and address on the Antilles. In the shop you pay nothing. You cannot take the purchased goods with you. These good will be send to the customs by the shop.
Or you buy the goods on this webshop from the Antilles. On this website you can find hundreds of goods you can order. All our shoppingpartners also have websites where you can find all information about the goods. If you mail us your orderlist from those website, we will do the rest.


All through ID Purchased goods are expertly packed so that they can well withstand the voyage . An exact specification of the packing , we can only give as we have received the goods and packaged. Our retail partners or you can give an estimate of the volume at the time of purchase. Goods are " block stacked " on pallets, wrapped in black cardboard and shrink wrap . Costs Euro 49.00 per m3

Transport and customs fees

The costs for the transport to the port in the Netherlands, are dependent on the value of your order. In addition, € 35 , - per shipment for the customs document.
NB . IKEA calculates transport costs for delivery of your order to our warehouse.

Total value of your order


Excl. vat. (Euro) Transportfee in the Netherlands. (Euro)
136.00 - 450.00 65.00
450.01 - 910.00 77.00
910.01 - 1,365.00 103.00
1,365.01 - 1,850.00 123.00
1,850.01 - 2,270.00 141.00
2,270.01 - 2,950.00 171.00
2,950.01 - 3,625.00 192.00
3,625.01 - 4,250.00 215.00
4,250.01 - 4,950.00 245.00
4,950.01 - 5,525.00 265.00
5,525.01 - 6,250.00 288.00
6,250.01 - and higher 315.00



Seafreight excl. loading charges, surcharges and Bill of Lading (Euro)

  • Curaçao 200,00 per m3
  • Aruba 205,00 per m3
  • Bonaire 215,00 per m3
  • Sint Maarten 200,00 per m3
  • Suriname 195,00 per m3

The minimum rate for seafreight is 1 CBM. Our shipping agent guarantees a weekly departure. Transit time 2 - 3 weeks.


The goods will be insured against theft and damage till arrival of the goods on the destination. Premium 2% of the value of the goods inclusive packing and transport.

Invoice of id

As soon as all details are known, you will receive the invoice of ID per e-mail, exclusive VAT. We also attach the specification of your order. We indicate name of the vessel and expected time arrival. After receipt of payment we send you the Bill of Lading for clearance of the consignment.

Clearance and import

Your consignment arrives in the combined container of the shipping agent The shipping agent can take care of clearance and deliver to your home address. If you wish you can collect the goods yourself. In both cases you need the Bill of Lading. The freight agent can inform you about delivery charges and the clearance costs.


Addresses of freight agents


Curaçao Aruba Bonaire Suriname
Cavalier Cavalier Cavalier VHS United
Commercial Park Veeris #30
Veeris, Curaçao
Tel. + 5999 7374321
Schotlandstraat 54 Oranjestad
Tel. +297 5887222
Kaya Industria 30C
Kralendijk, Bonaire
Tel. + 599 717 6504
Van 't Hoogerhuysstraat 9-11
Paramaribo, Suriname
Tel. + 597 402450